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If you aren`t our client, you can ask a question through the form of contacts

The support desk at us is carried out by means of a ticket-system.
To start operation, become authorized in the system (login and password are the same that you use in billing of a panel) and
ask a question which you are interested in.

You can learn responses to frequently asked questions in the section FAQ

What is the ticket-system?
This system is your personal forum with support desk.

Primary benefits of ticket-system:

  • usability
  • the history of addresses to support desk remains in system, and you can always view them afterwards
  • having quickly identified the addressed client and category of his problem, we can help you quicker than usually


Ukraine, 61202, Kharkiv, Ludwig Svoboda av. 26/298.
FO-P Kharitinov Vitaly Sergeevich
c/a 26000052329554
IBAN UA073515330000026000052329554
MFO 351533
INN 2743208017
PAT CB "PrivatBank"


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